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mark podrouzek (
Datum:Mi 01 Feb 2017 21:25:05 CET
Betreff:very informative

i really appreciate the attention to detail and visual aids. the instructions are clear and thorough and you do a wonderful job of illustrating the process of making a hurdy gurdy. thanks for making the site!


Barry Black (
Datum:Do 29 Okt 2015 18:56:06 CET
Betreff:Thanks for the help

I enjoyed your hg website a lot. Thanks for the advise on making the bridge adjustable on the one that I built.


Eugen Joss (
Datum:Mo 05 Okt 2015 20:47:40 CEST
Betreff:Hurdy-Gurdy Building instructions with drawing appendix now in English

New Edition in English 2015, ISBN 978-91-637-8983-0.
This book is the translation of the book VEVLIRA written in Swedish 1978. It is a building instruction how to build a hurdy-gurdy.
The hurdy-gurdy that this instruction deals with,is a newly designed type where the Hungarian hurdy-gurdies have been the model for the basic construction.

Best regards
Eugen Joss



David Lasry (
Datum:Fr 06 Jun 2014 14:38:04 CEST
Betreff:This website

Thank you for taking the time to document your journey with the Hurdy Gurdy. I am from the United States, in Florida. While I was searching for information about Bagpipes, I was led to the Hurdy Gurdy thru the magic of internet search engines. While I am not musically inclined, and suffer hearing loss from too many years working in loud places, this looks like something I would enjoy building and playing. :)


Burak Biyikli (
Datum:Sa 12 Jan 2013 16:50:57 CET

I appreciate your personal effort about this website. There is priceless information here and very inspiring work. I wish you continued success.
Burak Biyikli - Istanbul, Turkey


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